Cuscino Per Vasca - Migliori Cuscini Per Vasca Da Bagno Per La Testa E Il Collo Con 7 Tazze Di Aspirazione - Cuscino Di Lusso Per Il Sostegno Posteriore Completo Di Contenitore Di Regali Bello

LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: The days of getting out of the bath tub with a sore neck are over. We’ve created a Bath pillow that is easy to seat in all types of bath tub for a relaxing spa experience from your very home. At Tranquil, we know how to relax in style. By providing a head rest whilst in the bath we ensure that your head and neck are properly supported giving the sort of luxury you would expect from a spa massage.

EASY MAINTENANCE, REMOVABLE & COMPACT STORAGE: Our Bath pillow cushion can be easily removed via pulling the suction cups away from the bathtub surface and once dried with a towel can be stored back in the Beautiful Tranquil Beauty Box it comes with. To Clean Simply remove from the tub and wipe with a cloth and some detergent making sure to rinse thoroughly and dry.

SHAPE AND DESIGN: At Tranquil We have tested different foam types such as memory foam and come up with a material that is supportive and comfortable for the best bath pillow possible. We were tired of the old style inflatable pillows we had tried and decided to design a more permanent product that doesn’t require any effort to set up. Simply plug on the suction cups and and enjoy your bath knowing you have a cushion for back support.

SUITABILITY: The white square design of the pillow means it is suitable for all body types, we’ve found this product to be especially useful for pregnancy, elderly people and kids. However anyone can use a Tranquil Beauty bath pillow from mum to grandma to pets. The pillow can fold over the top of a roll top bath or a round bath making it ideal for all tub types. A prime addition to your bathing experience.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Our bath cushions are made with consistent quality and care, but be sure to receive a FULL return of your payment if the product is in any way faulty, on our money back guarantee scheme. What have you got to lose? Just click Add to Basket now!

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The Tranquil Beauty Bath Pillow Is here at last!

Get ready to achieve the relaxation you’ve been dreaming of during your bathing experience.

We are an independent Brand based in Suffolk, England with bags of Ambition!

At Tranquil we know how to unwind in style and comfort so we decided to share our secret with the world.

Made of memory foam fiber material topped with waterproof soft plastic we have found the perfect blend between comfort and support.

There is no more need to rest on the hard bath surface, this cushion will cradle your head, neck and back giving you more time to enjoy your favorite book or bottle(s) of wine, we don’t judge here.

Application is simple we added 7 suction cups to ensure it doesn’t slip down whilst bathing. Simply attach and re-attach by affixing the suction cups to the bath. They are strong enough to hold in place without causing any damage to the tub itself.

Maintaining your pillow is easy, we don’t buy a product to have to clean it every day, and we wouldn’t expect you to either. Odor and mildew free means you only have to clean it once a month at most.

We are forgetting the best bit… It all comes in a stylish box which makes it a perfect present to someone who is in need of some Tranquil Beauty relaxation.

We pride our-self on perfect customer service and communication. We are happy to talk to you about anything concerning your purchase with us. Send a selfie with your pillow to show us some love (keep it clean though) We are terrific not explicit.

Check us out on Social media to see what we are all about!

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